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       On this page you will find many unique jewelry designs inspired to bring the wearer a sense of peace on their personal recovery or spiritual journey.

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I can custom make a similar one for you.
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Stores now carrying BarbsBeading!:

"Middletown Florists & Gifts" in Middletown

"The Salon at High Street Village" in Lakeport

"Main Street Art Gallery" in Lakeport

"Radiant Skin" Studio in Mill Valley





RAVES for BarbsBeading! Jewelry:

"My bracelet feels as those it has magical energy! Thank you Barbara for your inspirational jewelry...it is healing my life." ~Jill

"I absolutely adore the bracelet Barbara made! I love wearing it and the way it feels: the weight of the bracelet on my wrist, the cool, smoothness of the seed beads, the beautiful, vibrant colors and the graceful dragonfly clasp. As soon as I put the bracelet on, my spirits lift and I am calmed. I highly recommend these gorgeous bracelets. They will make treasured gifts to give-but beware-they’ll be hard to part with!" ~Pat

"I love the elegant 'Star' bracelet. I've received so many compliments when I've worn this bracelet. It looks so rich, and feels smooth and lovely on my wrist." ~Paula

"I love my original one-of-a-kind cobalt blue and muti-color bracelet. It fits comfortably on my wrist and is easy to put on and take off. I love it!" ~Angela

"I love my turquoise bracelet with dragonfly clasp! It fits perfect and was obviously handmade with heartfelt care and fine skill. It also feels so wonderful on, I can't stop touching it! I've ordered several bracelets to give as gifts to my friends and they were all big hits! I definitely plan on ordering more in the near future." ~Cindy

I always meditate before beginning my beading to instill a sense of the spiritual essence in each piece. Wearers of my beaded art have felt this peaceful aspect and have shared comments like, "It's as if my new jewelry brings me a sense of calm when I wear it!"

  BarbsBeading Designs!

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                       Most 2013 Designs Sold Out



   Introducing "Lacy Crystal Fringe" bracelets!! This original BarbsBeading! designed bracelet contains a fringe of crystals, center cubes, and various sizes of seed beads. It was designed to be worn with evening wear to bring that added Bling! They measure a bit wider than other designs to compliment your wrist and glisten all night. Lacy Crystal Fringe designs are made with sturdy magnetic clasps.








 "Tila Tiles" are a fun, medium-weight flat beaded bracelet that was designed to be worn all day at  work and still hold up for night wear. These metallic tile beauties are sure to catch the attention of everyone near you! All Tila Tiles have a magnetic clasp.   







     "Glitz for Night" cuffs were designed to be worn during your party nights! BarbsBeading! knows there are special times when a woman wants to be totally glitzy!! These cuffs are just perfect for those party nights. Full of Bling! and shine, Glitz for Night cuffs can be worn in pairs or one on each wrist for a full party-showing. Made of large metal triangle or flat metallic tila beads and smaller seed beads, each cuff has my Trademark gold double heart charm logo and magnetic clasp. 







     "Channel Cuff" bracelet designs are made with various sizes of seed beads, drop beads, and cubes. These delicate bracelets can be worn in daytime or at night. The design features a center row of cube beads which brings the eye first toward the middle then radiating outward to the delicate drop beads. All Channel Cuff designs have my Trademark gold double heart charm logo and magnetic clasp.   ALL SOLD OUT!!








     "St. Petersburg Daggers" bracelet is light, charming, and alluring. Each piece is custom made with unique combinations of dagger beads, crystals, and seed beads. The flowing nature of this bracelet drapes over the wrist in different patters as your arm moves. Enjoy wearing this new BarbsBeading! design each day! My Trademark gold double heart charm logo and magnetic clasp finish off these one-of-a-kind bracelets.








   "Festive Bangles" were designed around the New Year celebrations! Wearing one of these cuffs ensures fun on all levels. The patterns and color designs are all unique, no two are alike! Festive Bangles are soft, yet sturdy, to wear day and night. BarbsBeading! Trademark gold double heart charm logo and magnetic clasp finish off these one-of-a-kind bracelets.






     "The Serpentine" cuff design is crafted with tiny twisted hexagon metallic beads and tiny seed beads on the edges. The newest BarbsBeading! design is my favorite (at the moment!) and I wear one of these smooth cuffs everyday! I named it after the transformative symbol of the snake because it wears and looks like one on my wrist. Easily clasped on & off with the Trademark magnetic clasp, this beauty goes with me everywhere. Of course, I included my gold double heart logo charm...:)








    "Fancy Cubes" are composed of either cube or triangle beads, and two sizes of seed beads. These elegant bracelets were designed for wearing during the day and at night to glisten and shine on the wrist! Fancy Cubes are a bit wider and heavier than the other BarbsBeading! designs to give a look of Wow! to whatever you are wearing. All Fancy Cubes are made with a sturdy magnetic clasp.






     The "Egyptian Cuff" bracelet was inspired after designing the Egyptian Bling! Necklaces. It seemed there was a need to have a dazzling cuff to bring out the Bling! of the necklace. Each cuff has a similar design as the matching necklace, although carries it's own unique flare and certainly can be worn without the necklace! The soft metallic cuffs are made with triangle beads which interlock to form a weave-like appearance. Each cuff is made from a different color bead even though some look the same. A Trademark gold double heart charm logo and magnetic clasp is interwoven at the end of each cuff.

   *This design is a Custom Order item to be made upon request to assure a perfect fit.








   These regal Egyptian Bling! necklaces were designed for evening wear and bring an Egyptian flare to your night! Made with bold copper, gold, brass, and crystal accent triangle metallic beads shaped in pyramid form, these necklaces bring pure Bling! to any dress. Just at center point, each elegant piece dons a unique semi-precious gem. Each necklace has an easy on/off strong magnetic clasp.

*Custom orders can be taken to design pieces



                                                    ALL  SOLD                                              



   "Cleo's Jewels" Necklace/Bracelet Set   and   Set with Earrings (*Currently in Artisans Gallery -- $150 for the set)



        BarbsBeading! earrings are one-of-a-kind unique pieces designed to wear with any outfit of the day or night! The wire-wrapping of gems and crystals has become a favorite way to bring each piece to its fullest Light and appearance. All earrings are $40.00






Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces and Pendants - Oh My!!



                             ALL  SOLD



      2013 Christmas Ornaments!!


These handmade ornaments feature glass blubs with a unique use of colors, beads, and crystals.

Order by color desired to show off your Christmas Tree or give as Gifts!!

Each ornament includes Christmas Box for storage - $25.00




  Barbara at a local Christmas Boutique selling her jewelry.

All jewelry can be purchased by contacting Barbara directly:
(*Write Jewelry Order in Subject line of your email)

BarbsBeading! Bracelets and Necklaces range from $25 to $160 
There may be items listed here that have been sold previously, and therefore are not available.
Barbara will reply to all emails to discuss materials, color, and sizes available for special orders.
Barbara can also be reached by messaging her on her FaceBook page.
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