The Pact: Messages from the Other Side


After our son died, my husband David and I made a pact that whichever of us passed first would return in any manner possible to inform the other of the existence of heaven. We both believed a soul’s journey did not stop with just one lifetime, but continued to incarnate experiencing many adventures.

About two years after our son’s death, David also made his transition to the other side. I waited to receive any semblance of a message from him to assure the truth of our pact. It took one year for me to become aware that his presence was always near me and that he was instructing me to silently listen to his words. He came to me with a gentle force through channeling; this book is a result of David's and my collaboration.

David L. Sinor

Post Publication Review

New Book Reveals Woman’s Past Lives and Spiritual Healing

Barbara Sinor’s new book The Pact will intrigue anyone who has ever been curious about reincarnation and the meaning of life in general. It offers many healing messages and the promise of new possibilities and a deeper spiritual understanding of oneself to anyone who approaches it with a sincere desire to learn.

While I have read many books about reincarnation, very few treat multiple lives that one person has experienced. Usually, these books either share multiple people’s single reincarnation experiences or they focus on one person’s individual past life and try to document it in detail to prove it is true. Barbara Sinor, however, shares many memories of past-life experiences, weaving each into a short narrative. She has lived in Atlantis, in ancient Egypt, on the seventeenth century American frontier, and in San Francisco during the 1906 earthquake, and she explains what she learned in each of these lives. What results is an affirmation of life, its meaning, its many possibilities, and the immortality of the soul.

Barbara’s journey began with the death of her husband, David. Prior to his death, she had shared with him her belief in reincarnation and they made a pact—hence the book’s title—that he would try to contact her from the other side. That promise was fulfilled when she coped with her grief through journaling and channeled his messages, as well as remembering many of her own past lives, most of which were spent in some way with her husband and other family members, each time playing different roles in relation to one another.

In writing about her experiences, Barbara also realized, with David’s help, that she had a message to share with the world. As David told her in one of her writing sessions, “When you are more at peace with your life, I will guide you. I will share my journey here with you. As you begin to understand more, you will share this within your writing to heal the hearts of many.”

The Pact truly is a healing book and I am glad Barbara has shared her story with us. While I don’t believe anyone can fully confirm whether or not reincarnation occurs, to me it makes more sense that people reincarnate, not because of negative karma or as some form of punishment but by their own choice as a learning experience that propels the evolution of their souls. As our society continually awakens more to an understanding that we are spiritual beings having human experiences, a lot of the harshness of traditional religious beliefs, with their focus on hell, sin, punishment, and sacrifice, are being seen as the limiting beliefs they are, and Barbara’s book definitely is among those that refute these negative mindsets in favor of more spiritual and affirming meanings for our human lives. It is wonderful to see, for this reason, so many testimonials at the book’s beginning, including from members of the clergy. Perhaps my favorite passage in the book is the following, which affirms much of what I have already long believed:

“Because the Oneness is all Love, there is no need to seek redemption for what our experiences are in an incarnation. We incarnate to experience All That Is, and therefore, all that is experienced expands the Oneness. The belief on Earth that one commits sins, and then needs to repent or seek redemption from a master, god, spiritual teacher, or God, is a miss-take. Each experience is a lesson, a learning experience to move you, your soul, forward on its journey. Even the experience of undergoing a trauma, physical or mental illness, or an injury is an opportunity for soul growth, which in turn supports the Oneness to evolve.”

Whether you’ve always been interested in reincarnation, have never before considered it, have been hurt by religion in your past, are a religious skeptic, or are seeking to understand your life’s meaning and purpose better, you will find much to consider in The Pact, and if you read with an open mind, I am confident you will come away enlightened, perhaps healed of pain, and better equipped to live your life to its fullest and fulfill your own incredible mission on this earth.

— Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., award-winning author of Spirit of the North: A Paranormal Romance



*This gorgeous photograph is the book's cover art. The photo was taken by professional photographer Jeff Tangen of Lake County, California. The lake is Clearlake.


The Pact: Messages from the Other Side

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Professional Reviews

The Pact is a beautifully written illumination of the thin veil between souls and incarnations. We truly do walk within, beside, and toward one another every step of the way. Highly recommended!"

~Jeff Brown, author of Soulshaping

“Every once in a while you read a book that takes you beyond the edge of the known and into the timeless realm of the soul.
The Pact: Messages from the Other Side is one of those special books. It takes the reader on a spiritual journey through life after life, weaving a tale of relationships that is like a Navajo rug. Seen from the bottom there are multiple threads; seen from above a pattern of stunning beauty emerges. This is a story of love that is stronger than death. Dr. Sinor and her departed husband's personal life pact unfolds as a spiritual memoir that uplifts and inspires uniting past, present, and future.”

~Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., New York Times best-selling author


"The Pact is a profoundly intimate and poignant account of a deeply loving couple whose love and connection remain true and flowing across time, space, life, and death. I have never seen a book about channeled information written in quite this way and it strikes me as very effective and moving. The Pact provides a clear example of the phenomenon of channeling, and the spiritual education and satisfaction that can come from recognizing ourselves as eternal beings with many lifetimes of growth and experience."

~JP Van Hulle, Michael Channel, author

Michael: The Basic Teachings


“Having a glimpse into the message of The Pact from its Introduction, I moved cautiously into its reading. As the author encourages the reader to remain open, I worked hard at suspending my belief systems while challenging myself to take a deeply moving and thought-provoking journey with her. I was not disappointed. Sinor weaves together a tapestry of exotic narratives from her lifetimes (past lives) into her present life journey, blending themes of living, loving, dying, and believing. Depending on how the reader approaches The Pact will determine the lessons gleaned from it and their degree of impact. This, I believe, is the beauty of the book. Although my belief systems vary greatly from Sinor’s, I resonated with her enduring love story that transcends eternity. With her timeless connection to her earthly departed husband, Sinor’s writing gifts readers with a path to healing and most importantly to hope.”

~Holli Kenley, M.A., MFT, author

Mountain Air: Relapsing and Finding the Way Back…One Breath at a Time


"Dr. Sinor's The Pact weaves together a story of a lifetime of love, and also explores the past lives of this devoted couple. Anyone with questions about what it is like when we cross over to the Other Side, will find the question and answer portion at the end of the book both fascinating and thought provoking!"
~Kay Fahlstrom, author

Reborn a Medium: A True Story of Dying, Returning, and Serving Spirit--and You


“The Pact: Messages from the Other Side grabbed me deeply and fully within my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies with validity and confirmation to my own intuits and perceptions. The Pact assisted me in my own expanded conscious awareness of my Oneness with All That Is, God Source. The book will validate many questionable feelings for others, as it did for me. Thank you Barbara and David for your courage to write this book and present it to humanity. The way you brought many of your lives together and how you showed the connectedness is phenomenal.”

~Reverend Ruby M. Morrow, Astara


“The Pact is a fascinating book…an engrossing page-turner. It enlightens the reader to the reality of the journey of the soul on various planes of existence. The book increases the understanding of who we are spiritually and what is in store for us after we have moved from our current lifetime. As a longtime psychotherapist and regression therapist, I appreciate the depiction of several of the author’s lifetimes. Sinor beautifully interweaves the theme of abiding love through her accounts of her current life with her husband; their previous lifetimes; and, the communication between them from the other side.”

~Barbara Lamb, M.S., MFT, CHT, author

Crop Circles Revealed


“The Pact: Messages from the Other Side brings the reader an adventure of many lifetimes with the clarity of a personal energetic connection between two souls. The stories are filled with tears of truth and a laughter of knowing beyond words which seem to call spirit inward for recognition. Thank you, Dr. Sinor, for sharing the intimate details of the pact which was made between you and your husband.”
~Reverend Peggy Tennent, Astara


The Pact is a beautifully written account of communication with one who has passed. In a thought provoking way, Sinor relates a journey of lifetimes with her husband, and in so doing, assists us in asking the question, ‘Can we also communicate with our loved ones?’ Sinor helps us to lighten the veil between ourselves and the other side and to assist us in our search for answers about our own path on this journey of lifetimes. A wonderful book!”
~Rev. Patricia Haller, Unity Minister


"My soul was touched by the energy of the words from The Pact. I have been a transpersonal psychotherapist for over thirty years and I know Truth. The forever lasting love that is shared in this book informs us about the world beyond the physical realm. I highly recommend it."

~Susan B. Cohen, MFT